If you had the opportunity to work exclusively on projects you find meaningful & fulfilling with your friends, would you?

In 2020, that opportunity presented itself and we dared not deny it.

We are a collection of friends and colleagues that came together to fly under a single banner.

A pipe-dream turned into reality.

about codified

With each of us bringing unique talents & skills to the table, acquired and honed while working at agencies, startups, global corporations and nonprofits, we're able to execute at a high level with fewer resources.

For our clients this means better communication, quicker turnaround times, and most importantly -- the kind of impactful results you'd expect from a much larger team.


As Codified, we've worked with quickly growing startups as well as small & mid-sized businesses in both B2B & B2C spaces.

We've helped brands build compelling digital experiences that encourage users to take action.

The reason we are able to succeed is simple. We select projects we believe we can make an impact on.

This means working on projects where our clients truly believe in what they are doing, are ready to grow, and align with our interests.

After all, life is too short not to love what you're doing and who you're doing it with.

That means saying "no" more often than we'd like.

At the same time, when we do find a mutual fit, you'll find us to function much more akin to a partner, rather a vendor.

And when there is passion on both sides of the table, the results follow... as does the fun.

See you out there.

How we make it happen.

Meet the Peeps. Yeah, we said peeps.

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Will ensures that not only we inch closer to our company goals each day, but that our clients experience an unrivaled level of communication, transparency and results. Armed with an MBA as well as nearly twenty years of project & account management experience, we're just glad he's on our side.

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Co-Founder & Principal Software Engineer

If Reggie had a catchphrase, it would undoubtedly be “automagically”. That’s because to the untrained (and even most trained eyes) Reggie contemplates, develops and pushes out efficient software solutions that seem otherworldly. Of course it’s not magic -- it’s over fifteen years of arduous backend and frontend coding experience that turned Reggie into a development powerhouse.

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Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

Having to spell his last name a countless amount of times really toughened up Sergei… somehow this steered him into copywriting, which evolved into digital marketing, web development and conversion rate optimization. If you need to turn clicks into customers or build a meaningful web experience -- from strategy to execution -- this is the guy you want on your team. He’ll also talk your ear off about customer journeys and statistical significance if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Software Engineer

Christian can consume a Monster energy drink by the time you finish reading this sentence. Like Reggie, Christian makes short work of complex development tasks and challenges thanks to an ever-growing knowledge base of modern coding languages and techniques combined with a little good ole’ Columbian magic. If you see an email from Christian at 10PM, he’s not working late, he’s working early.

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UI/UX Designer

Without a beautiful and optimized frontend, all the coding we do would forever live in the shadows. Erik leans on over 10 years of rigorous UI/UX experience in order to bring truly innovative and data-driven web and app experiences to life. Erik also maintains his beard better than anyone else on the team.

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